Spring Dresses

As Spring approaches it’s time to ditch the black dresses and the cosy winter warmers and get yourself a new spring dress ready for any occasion. Valentines day, birthdays, a wedding, the list could go on but these two dresses are two of my favourite ready for spring… Both dresses are from www.sexybeaches.co.uk‘s sister site lush couture uk which will be launched soon!!!

This white dress is perfect for a Spring date or for a night out! It has long sleeves which are great for keeping you warm as we move out of the Winter months but the style helps show off a gorgeous figure. It’s a midi dress which keeps it classy for date night but can be glammed up with jewellery for a night out! Buy this dress now for a bargain of £27.99!!!

Fullscreen capture 30012015 121745.bmp
The gorgeous Mollie Montgomery modelling for Lush Couture UK

Now this floral dress is definitely one of my favourites! It can be worn two ways as you can see in the picture. It can be worn to suit how you feel wearing it! Now this is definitely a Spring wedding or Valentine’s date dress and will look gorgeous in the coming months. The style of this dress will show off any gorgeous figure and the midi length again keeps the look appropriate for a wedding and for a date night.

Fullscreen capture 30012015 121753.bmp

Girls get following @sexybeaches and @lushcoutureuk on instagram and twitter so you don’t miss these gorgeous pieces! AND when the sexybeaches instagram page hits 10k followers there will be a huge giveaway, one not to miss.

Fashionable, affordable, stylish dresses which shouldn’t be missed! xo


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